Autoherb | Synthetic Coating
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Synthetic Coating

Majority of vehicles are always being exposed to direct sunlight, rather being kept over sheds during the daytime. This leads to wear, abrasion and color failure for maximum vehicles. We rather keeping sure to keep our vehicles safe, tend to forget the ill hazards the environment has for the metal beauties. As we know that the paint is susceptible to failure/ fading due to the intense heat/. To preserve the same, AUTO HERB’s synthetic coating can work wonders for you.

It is a tough layer that is placed over your vehicles surface, creating a tough, robust outer surface acting as a shield for the vehicle. Besides protection, this acts as an added shiner towards the surface making the car look more attractive and glossy. This coating tends to stay for longer period of time with higher melting point giving a better life.



Extremely hydrophobic

Water resistant

Improving the Paint Life

Additional Layer of Gloss and Depth of Paint

UV resistant

Chemical Resistant

Easy to Clean

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