Autoherb | Head Light Restoration
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Head Light Restoration

Fog light rebuilding is critical as headlights resemble the eyes of the auto. On the off chance that they’re misted and cloudy, it can be perilous for you to drive your vehicle. New front light focal points are extremely costly. Since rebuilding is reasonable, you can have the front lamp focal point looking comparable to new with the assistance of a fog light focal point more clean.

Reestablishes clearness to extremely ignored, oxidized and scratched headlights

Fog light Protectant looks after lucidity

Sparkles and reestablishes plastic focal points on vehicles – including headlights taillights, haze and directional lights

Sands away the external layer to reestablish lucidity to front lamp focal points that have turned out to be yellowed, shady and hazed after some time

Refines and diminishes scratches

Shines focal points for lucidity and sparkle

By reestablishing lucidity to the focal point, the execution of the front light is enhanced and the presence of the vehicle is improved

Make Night Driving Safer

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