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We provide best Ceramic Car Coating In Pune & Car Detailing Center In Pune.
Ceramic Car Coating In Pune, Car Detailing Center In Pune
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About Us

About Autoherb

Automobiles have come a long way from being traditional vehicles of transportation to the most sorted out personal dream vehicle for anybody. Each of our endeavors to keep our beloved vehicle in the best possible condition and for which we spend thousands and even lakhs to keep them in mint condition and installing new features to make them more comfortable, robust and beautiful.

With similar ambitions Car enthusiasts “Prashant Rane” and “Ritesh Patil” started the journey that today is one most sorted car detailing and service brand in India i.e. AUTO HERB. Auto Herb is one of the most recognized brands across the nation with exclusive car treatment and detailing services like coatings, full spa, paint protection, surface treatment, interior treatment, parts restoration etc.

Our country being a tropical country contains most varied nature in climates which makes it difficult for any type of car detailing to sustain and be there for a long time. We at Auto Herb analyze all necessary checking’s to understand which coating would be the best and affordable for your car. Typical detailer would only give you a bunch options to choose from. We at Auto Herb have more than 7 coating options for your car to have the best protection and look. Also with the same, we are providing a variety of other services which also cover 2- wheelers.

Currently, we are operational across India through our Franchise outlets. With having 10+ franchises, Auto Herb aims to reach almost every person even in small towns and cities. To achieve that, our team is striving each day to provide the best car detailing services across India. Our teams’ ambitions are to open 100+ outlets till 2018. To avail new franchise opportunity, check out our franchise column to know more about how each of our franchise is growing and gaining good profits across their region.

Meet the Team

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Prashant Rane

A perfectionist who swears by execution, Prashant is always brimming with energy and ideas. His drive to take initiatives and belief in team-work has been instrumental in building the team that delivers.

Ritesh Patil

Ritesh has been on a mission to bring quality Car Detailing to all. A true detailer at heart, Ritesh brings with him a rich experience of more than 12 years in Automobile industry

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