Autoherb | 9h Ceramic Coating Vijayawada | Nano Ceramic Coating Services In Vijayawada
Auto Herb provides 9h Ceramic Coating in Vijayawada, Nano Ceramic Coating Services In Vijayawada
9h Ceramic Coating Vijayawada , Nano Ceramic Coating Services In Vijayawada
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9H Ceramic Coating

Auto Herb’s 9H ceramic coating gears to be the most robust of all of its coating against tough climate conditions of India. It consists of elevated gloss & hardness coating with the strong hydrophobic effect, dust and scratch proof, heat resistant, water repelling and cleaning.

9H Ceramic Coating is 100% clear and straightforward like water when it is in the holder. In the wake of curing, it will swing to a solid Protective to secure the substrate for all time . It is synthetic cling to the material surface and won’t wash away or separate.

9H Ceramic COATING is a propelled artistic car paint covering, which offers high sturdiness as well as above all else heavenly hydrophobic properties and unmatched gleam. Not at all like different items, attributable to its substance of quartz, it gives an unbelievable straightforwardness of the cured coat. It is likewise absolutely impervious to a concoction with pH in the vicinity of 2 and 11.

It particularly secures against shading blurring, corrosive rain, tree sap, oxidation, bug splatter, flying creature droppings, street grime, destructive UV beams, consumption, hard water stains and light scratches.



Extremely hydrophobic

Water resistant

Permanent protection

UV resistant

Chemical Resistant

Easy to Clean

Scratch Resistant

Resistant to Environmental Fallout

High Gloss Finish

Oxidation and Corrosion Resistance Chemical Resistant

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